All Natural Wax Sticks

Made of the finest quality birch wood
Professionally crafted for a smooth glide
Robust and sturdy waxing sticks

Robust & Eco-friendly

Prepared from all natural birch wood.
Smooth edges for painless waxing
Small and Sturdy
Hassle free use
Quick and easy disposable

Ideal Size & Weight

Solid build and light weight
You can carry it everywhere

Narrow end : 2/8 inch
Wider end : 3/8 inch
Length of stick : 3.5 inch
1/16 inch thick

Clever Design

Target small areas & big patches in one application
Narrow end for targetting hard to reach areas
Ears, Lips, Nostrils, Eyes, Brows
Wide end for large patches
Perfect for both men and women.

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Mibly Wooden Wax Sticks 200 Pack – Eyebrow, Lip, Nose Small Waxing Applicator Sticks for Hair Removal and Smooth Skin - Spa and Home Usage

  • Pro Wax applicator sticks; Our wax stick designed by a professional team for sensitive small areas for clear, soft, smooth and care free feel. These are ideal waxing sticks for hard wax.
  • Narrow end uses; Our mini eyebrow wax sticks have thin narrow end and are ideal for targeting difficult areas such as ears eyes, brows, lips and face. Also useful as nose wax sticks for better facial hygiene for men and women
  • Wide end uses; Wax sticks for hair removal have flat spreader end which is helpful to remove unwanted hair in big patch areas such as chin, legs, cheek, chest, arms and removes the need for epilation or shaving.
  • Size and Material; Our birch wooden sticks are all natural, eco- friendly and disposable. Narrow end 2/8", wider end 3/8", length of stick is 3.5" and 1/16" thick, in pack of 200 count.
  • Multiple Usage; Versatile as craft sticks in DIY projects, these small mixing sticks can be used for liquid and paint stirring our eyebrow waxing sticks are easy to store and an essential part of waxing supplies kit.

Versatile / Multi Use

Ideal for both home and salon usage
Perfect with all brands of wax
Great combination with wax beads

Mibly waxing spatulas are high quality with dual sided functionality that can be used for Brazilian waxing for small areas and in big patches.

The mini solid and sturdy sticks are perfect for home and professional use.

Our small wooden wax spatulas are prepared from Non-BPA or Non-plastics material, designed to glide
smoothly across the skin surface without causing any irritation or pain.


  • Dual sided design Cleverly designed applicators can switch between small areas and large patches in single application.
  • Thick & Sturdy Thick and stable spatula design helps lifting and applying clear warm honey from wax pot with ease.
  • More uses Our small popsicle sticks for waxing can be used as a wooden wax spatula and DIY crafting project. They can also be used as mini wood stirrers and tongue depressors.
  • Material Mibly wax applicator sticks are made from natural birch wood which is environment friendly, and easily disposable, making it hassle free.
  • Specifications
    • Length = 3.5 inches.
    • Narrow side = 2/8 inches.
    • Wide side = 3/8 inches.
    • Thickness = 1/16 inches
    • Pack count = 200 Pieces
    • Pack dimensions = 12cm * 12.5cm * 1.7cm
    • Pack weight = 57g